RAK831 TTN GW Monitoring

Having setup an outdoor gateway for The Things Network I was worried about it being exposed to the sun during the day. I built an aluminium shade for it but I even with it, I feared it might get too hot under the sun even in the winter. The RAK 831 and the Rasperry Pi […]


The 8752A VNA is a wonderful instrument, but it has many years on its back, and you may find yourself with a barely readable, or funky-looking screen due to aged CRT. I have an article dedicated to the CRT to LCD conversion I devised for the HP 8920A. But that was me doing my best […]

Emcomat 7 Cross-slide nut

My Emcomat 7 lathe was suffering severe backlash problems in the crosslide. Taking it appart I found the crosslide nut had given up, the anti-backlash adjustment had gone too far and the threads were worn. I was not able to find a replacement so I took measurements of the old nut and machined a new […]

Agilent DSOX Colorblind hack

Agilent DSOX Oscilloscope ColorBlind Hack I suffer the most common type of colorblindness, the red-green type, and more specifically, deuteranopia. This essentially means that I have difficulty telling colors with red and green components from each other. If you can’t see anything but a bunch of dots here (as I do) but you believe you […]

Lecroy Waverunner LT342 Repairs

Lecroy LT344L Waverunner Oscilloscope repairs I managed to get a cheap “for parts” oscilloscope that arrived with a dark screen, damaged CH1 BNC connector and broken ground terminal. One knob was missing and the floppy drive did not work. The encoders where hard to use, very erratic. You turned them fast and nothing moved and […]

Sunvisor Integrated GPS Navigator

We decided not to get the built-in GPS navigation for the Mini Cooper because it is awfully expensive and from the reviews, it looks like it isn’t very good. I commited myself to install a TomTom navigator in the car, and it should be better, cheaper, and should look like a factory option. Goals: * […]

HP 8920A LCD conversion

The 8920A Radio Communications Test Set is a wonderful instrument but it has a terrible CRT display. The screen surface is very light and, unless you are in a dark room, it leaves little room for contrast when something appears on the display. I have been avoiding using it because the display was difficult to […]

IC7100 Vertical Base/Support

Icom IC-7100 Vertical Base ( english / español ) The IC-7100 is a very nice rig but I quite do not like the “console” format, I prefer the classic style of most other rigs. After a few tries, I am finally happy with this 3d-printed stand. (Click on the pictures for hi-res) It is very […]

New OLED for the HP 6632B

The HP 6632B is a very nice power supply and it can be had cheap but since it is now quite old the VFD display will very probably have a few segments severly worn-out which makes reading it difficult. Finding a replacement VFD for a reasonable amount is not possible, I believe HP replaced the […]

Mitutoyo Indicator Battery Cap

Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Battery Cap I managed to get a very cheap Mitutoyo digital indicator, the reason being the battery cap was missing, and it required one ugly and very unreliable piece of tape to hold the battery in place. It seemed like a good excuse to do something useful with the CNC. I carefully […]