In-Wall USB Outlet

USB Outlet

The kitchen worktop is the ideal place for placing the mobile devices for charging during the night. But we were tired of having to use three diferent chargers, usig three AC outlets, and moving them from the drawer to the wall everyday. I found multi-port USB chargers but I thought, why not having a direct USB outlet ?

The cover

I used a blind cover where I machined three openings for three USB ports, carefully spaced to align with three stacked chargers I wanted to use. This is the preview in the CNC software:

And this is the machining process:

And this is the cover after going thru the CNC:

The chargers

I was very lucky and the three chargers fitted exactly in the available room, with just a bit of glue they were held in place securely. I previously cut the six pins that normallly go to the AC outlet and soldered wires for the mains power:


This was an afternon project but we are happy with the results. Clean and practical:


A few clarifications. They are genuine Apple chargers, adequately fused and protected. Each draws 0.3W from the mains (do your math) when unloaded. Temperature inside the outlet goes just to 38C with thee chargers at full power, charging three devices from empty battery at the same time, with 24C at home. This is no more risky than having three chargers in three outlets. If anything, having them inside the wall (concrete, bricks) is actually safer. Appart from that, there is nothing flammable around.