R&S NGMO2 Front Connectors

The Rohde Schwarz NGMO2 is one of the lab power supplies that I use most. Having the connectors on the back is not convnient most of the times. I always wanted to have the NGMO2-B0 option that consists on a box that is attached to the bottom of the power supply and provides power and DVM connectors at the front of the instrument. That option is now impossible to get and if you find it, you probably won’t like the price. I had to build it myself.

Designing the box

I carefully measured dimensions of the power supply and designed an aluminium box that could be professionally laser cut:

The shop where I ordered the box could not engrave the front panel, so I designed and ordered it from Front Panel Express. Not veri intuitive, notice that channel A is on the right and B on the left. That is because A is on the left on the back, and internal wiring is cleaner that way:

The wiring

The box arrived in shiny aluminium so I sanded and painted it white. I managed to get the binding posts for the outputs and 4mm females for the DVM inputs. I wired everything and cut four hex standoffs to the correct height so that the original feet are now screwed to them. Click on it for a bigger version:

On the back, the wires are routed to the correct place of the connectors. Click on it for a bigger version:

And this is how the front looks now. The arrangement is similar to the original B0 option but labeling is different, it does work for me though. Click on it for a bigger version: