Mitutoyo Indicator Battery Cap

I managed to get a very cheap Mitutoyo digital indicator, the reason being the battery cap was missing, and it required one ugly and very unreliable piece of tape to hold the battery in place. It seemed like a good excuse to do something useful with the CNC.

I carefully measured the dimensions and thought of a piece that could be made in the CNC from 1.8mm fiberglass PCB. I had to do it in two pieces, in a way that would let them fit and align perfectly:

After milling the two pieces I found they would assemble together very tighly, but I glued them with a bit of superglue anyway:

One of the problems was that the battery had to fit inside. To keep the wall as thick as possible, I left only 0,1mm to insert it so it has very little play once inserted:

Once mounted, the color stands out a bit, but it works very well and the fiberglass should take any abuse:

In the unlikely case you need to replicate one, you can download the CAD file from here:

Mitutoyo Battery Cap (Solidworks .SLDPRT)