IC7100 Vertical Base

The IC-7100 is a very nice rig but I quite do not like the “console” format, I prefer the classic style of most other rigs. After a few tries, I am finally happy with this 3d-printed stand.

(Click on the pictures for hi-res)

It is very easy and natural to use the rig in this position, it looks like a “small IC-9100”. The only issue I’ve found is turning it on, and off. The power button is a bit hard and the rig slides on the table, but you can use your index finger to hold it from behind. I also tested placing four little double-sided tape pieces under the corners so it does not move. Also, under the four corners, there are small 1mm holes that can be used as a guide just in case you want to screw this base to a larger heavier) one. You can see them in the pictures if you look carefully.

I also missed a position mark on the AF and SQL knobs, so I drilled a tiny hole on them and filled with white paint. I do this under the microscope with a 0.7mm drill, and fill the hole with a tiny drop of paint with a needle:


If you want your own stand, you can search for IC-7100 on thingiverse.com and get it printed locally, wherever you are.