Icom IC-7200 Cammo Paint

I once saw pictures of a beautiful IC-7200 with a few variants of cammo paintwork. It always remained in my mind to one day get one, but I never saw it available.
So I bought a used 7200 (I should have chosen one that was not mint, like this one was…). I completely disassembled it, and sent the parts that would get painted to a local “artist”. As usual, I also painted red the markings on the knobs. I also replaced the front hex screws which were black with torx titanium ones.
This is a unique rig with many work hours on it, for collectors, working flawlessly. If you are very interested in buying it, click on the envelope icon for contact information.
This is the result, click in the images for larger pictures. Thank you.


June, 2022
Roberto EB4EQA